Isa sa mga paborito kong kainin na ulam. Kasunod sa Sisig, Beef Pares ang isa sa hinahanap kong putahe sa labas. Dapat may masarap na sinangag na todo sa bawang saka ciempre wag mawawala ang pinakuluang medyas (soup #5 mas masarap). Actually Im looking for the best Pares in the land. Sa ngayon eh sa Partners ang may pinakamasarap na nakainan ko ng Pares. Pares is a dish originating in the Philippines. Literally meaning “pair”, this dish is a combination of a beef stew viand and a bowl of soup, both served with rice. Cuts with lots of litid (ligaments) are used to achieve a texture that is tender and sticky at the same time. Brisket and shanks are ideal for making beef pares.
The stew is made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise, topped with spring onions. The soup is made by combining a portion of the stew sauce with some pre-cooked soup stock.


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