To tell you honestly I too am not a big fan of balut, its just that this is one is an exotic food that Filipinos especially beer drinkers loves to eat. I only eat the red part, and drink the broth which surrounds the embryo. I don’t eat the white part which is too hard for me, and the chick which is too gross for me. But most Filipinos do. I am just too picky with what I eat. I even saw this as a part of a challenge in Fear factor, and it did gross out the contestants.
Balut is sold in the Philippines by ambulant vendors who yell in the streets, “Ba-luuuuuuuuuut!”. Some vendors though sit in one corner of an alley and the customers go to them. But in this generation you can buy it easily even in malls- balut eggspress, see pics below.
Though some balut-eaters prefer chili and vinegar to complement their egg, most often they are eaten with a pinch of salt. Pateros are renowned for their careful selection and incubation of the eggs. The age of the egg before it can be cooked is a matter of local preference. The perfect balut is 17 days old, at which point it is said to be balut sa puti (“wrapped in white”).

more about balut…


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