JFK vs Lincoln

NOTE: This is true and it is more interesting than funny, but worthwhile, nonetheless….
– Lincoln and Kennedy were 2 of the greatest presidents of the nation
– The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters. – In Lincoln’s & Kennedy’s names the vowels & consonants fall in exactly the same place; in the order c, v, c, c, v, c, c
– Abe Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
– JFK was elected to Congress in 1946.

– Abe was elected President in 1860.
– JFK was elected President in 1960.

– War was thrust upon both almost immediately after their inauguration
– Both ordered the Treasury to print their own money

– Both were loved by the common people and hated by the establishment

– Both loved great literature and could recite poetry by heart
– Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
– Both their wives lost children while living in the House.
– Both were famous for his wit and for telling hilarious stories and anecdotes

– Both were succeeded, after assassination, by vice-president Johnson

– Both were succeeded by Southern Democrats
– Both successors had held seats in the US Senate. Both Johnsons were opposed for re-election by men whose names start with “G”.
– Andrew Johnson was born in 1808
– Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908

– Andrew Johnson’s name has 13 letters
– Lyndon Johnson’s name has 13 letters

– Both Johnson were a heavy drinker with crude behaviour

– Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.

– Both were shot in the head.
– Both were shot with one bullet.
– Both were shot from behind.
– Days before it happened Lincoln told his wife and friends about a dream he’d had of being shot by an assassin
– Hours before it happened Kennedy told his wife and friends it would be easy for an assassin to shoot him from a crowd
-Both were in the presence of their wives.
– Shortly after Lincoln was shot the telegraph system went down
– Shortly after Kennedy was shot the telephone system went down
– After their assassination, the nation experienced an emotional convulsion
– Abraham was the first name of the man who filmed Kennedy’s murder in the Lincoln
– The man running alongside Kennedy’s car snapping pictures with his 35mm camera was a salesman of Lincoln cars

– Lincoln and Kennedy died in places beginning with the initials P and H

– Lincoln died in Petersen’s house
– Kennedy died in Parkland Hospital

– Lincoln’s Secretary was named Kennedy.
– Kennedy’s Secretary was named Lincoln.

– Lincoln’s secretary, named Kennedy, advised Lincoln against going to the Theatre

– JFK’s secretary whose name was Lincoln told him not to go to Dallas
-Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theater.
-Kennedy was shot in a card made by the Ford Motor Company (a Lincoln no less)

– Lincoln’s assassin had a three-worded name, John Wilkes Booth
– Kennedy’s alleged assassin had a three-worded name, Lee Harvey Oswald

– John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.
– Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

– Both names have 15 letters.

– Both were southerners favoring unpopular ideas.

– Booth ran from the theatre and was captured in a warehouse.
– Oswald ran from the warehouse and was captured in a theatre.

– Both assassins were shot and killed in police custody before going to trial

– The only complete filming of Kennedy’s assasination was shot by Abraham Zapruder.
– The only complete account of Lincoln’s assasination was written by John Zelfindorfer.

– A week before Lincoln was shot, he was with friends in Monroe, Maryland.
– A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with his friend Marilyn Monroe.

– Lincoln’s last child, Tad, had his funeral held on July 16, 1871.
Later he was exhumed and moved to a different grave site.
– Kennedy’s son JFK Jr. was lost at sea on July 16, 1999.
Later he was found, brought up, and then re-burried at sea. assassinated before trial.

– Jefferson Davis was the name of the president of the Confederate states while Lincoln was president of the Union states
– Jefferson Davis Tippit was the name of the police officer killed allegedly by Kennedy’s alleged assassin
– Kennedy’s father had been the Ambassador to England at the Court of St James
– Lincoln’s son became the Ambassador to England at the Court of St James
Mystery or statistical coincidence?

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