siXtH mOntHsARy

Who would have thought that we would fall for each other. Actually its not that hard to fall for someone as beautiful as her. The question is how did she fall for me, and her answer was on our first date. Here is our story: I first met her when my ex-girlfriend Cathy introduced her to me, she is her cousin. There where no sparks then, not that I find her attractive but I still have a relationship with her cousin and that she was still young then. Then eventually Cathy and I broke up coz I caught her texting another guy, actually the guy texted her and I accidentally read his message for her. Right there and then I broke up with her, I didn’t even bother to take her home coz I was furiously mad at that time. Then time passes by, I had two other relationships but it too didn’t worked as planned.

The secont time Nicole and I met was on Keith Xandrex Quilaton christening/birthday. I hosted the party that Jojo my kumpare/officemate threw for Kitkit. And she was there to help out in taking care of Kit the celebrant. I never did notice her, but I was trying to find her with my eyes but not in an obvious way. After the kid’s party, we started our drinking session with my other co-officemates and Dimple, Marco’s younger brother. I’m not really a good drinker, I’m usually the first to get tipsy on occassions like this. She heard me singing “Bakit ngayon ka lang?” from a videoke cd and was quite impressed with my voice( just kidding). But she did heard me sing, she was carrying Kit when Louie and Dimple asked her name and her cellphone number. After gaving them her name and number she went home because it was getting late and she was uncomfortable being with our company. Louie called her cp asking why she left and she answered that its late. Next time we met it was Jojo’s birthday. May 2 she texted me and her first text was “hi”, the number was stored in my phone but it was registered as Tintin2, Jojo’s wife, but I had a hunched that it was Nicole. So I asked who she was and she replied “kunwari ka pa kilala mo naman ako”. A few more text and I knew that it was really her, little did I know that Cathy my ex-gf was the one who told Nicole to text me, she was an accomplice on Cathy’s evil plot. Not knowing her true intentions, I tried revealing my true intentions with her and asked her to go out with me and she said yes, but then she confessed that they (my ex and her) were playing and making fun of me. I was so angry with but then when she apologized for doing that and I easily forgave her and asked her if she still wants to go out with me. She said yes and on May 3, 2007, 415pm in SM Manila, we met. She made me wait for about an hour, her excuse is quite reasonable coz she told me all about it. She had an interview in Greenwich Paco, she applied to be a service crew. I really didn’t expect her to come coz of what happened to us the other night (its not what your thinking you green minded freak… just kidding), but she came and erased all my doubts. We watched Spiderman3 and ate at Jollibee. And before the day ended she became my girlfriend. Now we are together for six months and we are planning to get married after her 18th birthday on November 11, 2007.

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